We would like to invite you to our Yellow Deli restaurant in Honiton.
This is a place where you can buy our Common Loaf Bakery products.
Every Tuesday and Thursday we stock our shelves with fresh bread and other baked goods.
We do have products on other days but those are the best ones.
If you have any questions or requests just telephone 01404 378023

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The Yellow Deli in Honiton is a very special place we hope you will visit us at.

yellow deli front.jpg

One step into the Yellow Deli and you’ll feel as though you have been transported to a simpler time.
It’s walls, posts and beams are made with aged and weathered wood recycled from old barns and demolition wood that have regained a glory that was lost.

1st floor of the Yellow Deli

The spacious and comfortable wooden tables come from aged trees that found a purpose now to show their splendor.

The ironwork, the leather, the murals, everything seems to come alive.
On the tables, some  “bushel baskets” that are used to harvest apples serve as lamps, their amber light reminiscent of a warm fire.
The murals that decorate the walls show scenes of local life and scenery, as well as
some more inspiring views.


The hands of many have collaborated in its construction, but it is not known where some ended and others began.
They are the same hands that prepare you the salad or the sandwich, or they serve you at the table.
The same love that built the Yellow Deli prepares and serves your food now.
We hope you find peace and harmony here.
We are here to serve you!

Sunday - 12pm until 11pm
Monday thru Thursday - 7am until 11pm
Friday - 10am until 3pm
Saturday - CLOSED
43 -47 High St
Devon EX14 1PW
01404 378023