In times gone by it was always a tradition for families to work together in small businesses, supporting their father in the work, everyone doing their part no matter how small. Because of such family commitment there was a true sense of care which was demonstrated in the quality of the product they made.'Common Loaf' bread is not ordinary bread like that made in big factories and sold through chains of big stores. It's made according to traditional recipes without compromise. The cost of materials and time involved in making these kinds of bread would be impossible but for the way of life of those of us who make this bread. Only through a life free of self regard can we sustain the long hours, only through the common life of sharing all that we possess and earn as one big family can we make this bread the way we ourselves like to eat it.

In this vein we make most of our recipes with the whole grains of Spelt and Rye. We also like to make some naturally leavened (sourdough) recipes. We feel like these choices make for a products that are nutritious and more easily digested. It's not the cheapest bread, but the best things in life are not cheap. Love is not cheap; it involves responsibility and commitment. The reality behind this bread is that it comes from a people who are learning to love one another the way their Creator loves them and put the same care into making bread as He put into making us. We hope you can taste the difference.

Common Loaf Bakery is a cottage industry run by a small group of families and single people who live together on a small farm in Devon. We call ourselves The Community at Stentwood Farm


The picture above is of us. We live together because of a simple faith that we have in the Son of God. We are people who saw a lot of wrong things in the world and then realized that they were only there for the same reasons they were in us. We wanted to change. In Yahshua ( the Hebrew word that is translated in the Bible as "Jesus") we found the remedy. Our faith is an emulation of what was demonstrated by His early followers, not what it has become (certainly something different). They expressed their love for their saviour by sharing everything they had and serving one another. They lived together like we do. We are a small part of something old that is being born. Many people know us as part of the Twelve Tribes Communities.

We also have a restaurant in Honiton, Devon called the Yellow Deli